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I have made two Whirligig.  They are both on this page.


1.  Model A and Model T Whirligig (Nov 2014).


I made this for a friend in Texas.  It is actually her design.  The model T in front is being cranked by her husband, while the Model A is being push.  Her and their dog are waiting for the fun ride ahead.  Both figures are propelled by a fan in front.  This Whirligig is 28" long with a 14" diameter fan.


This link is to a video. Click on the Picture to the right.


2.  See Saw Whirligig (May 2014).


I made this whirligig in May 2014 for a friend in Texas.  She  sent me a picture of an antique whirligig and asked if I could make one similar.  This whirligig is 26” tall, the fan is 18” in diameter, and made of a variety of wood.  The fan is made of Tupelo, the seesaw and figures are of Basswood, the green box and stand of pine.  It is painted in water-based acrylics and then roughed up.  I purposely scratched the wood and sanded some of the corners lightly, and also used some light oak stain to fade the acrylic pain to give it an old time look.

This is a video of the Whirligig. (It will take you to YouTube.) Click on the picture to the right.
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