I've been carving since 1992 and this website is a pictorial essay of 100's of my woodcarvings through the years.  They range from caricatures of political and sports figures to Santas and wildlife. You may recognize some of them.  My carvings reside and are displayed throughout the United States and the World.  Click on one of the categories above to begin your journey.  If you see something you like or just want to make a comment, send me an email to: mic1288@gmail.com 



Whirly Gigs

New Wood Carvings!!!

041521 TB2021.jpg


I carved this for a friend in Texas who is a big TB Fan.  If you don't know who TB is, well he just won another super bowl this past year.  This carving stands 12" tall and is made of basswood.  The face mask is made from pliable wire.  (April 2021)

210127 Ram Carving.jpeg
210127 Ram stages.jpg
210130 Ram Pattern.jpg

"UNC Mascot"

I carved this UNC Ram for a good friend of mine in Virginia.  He graduated from the University of North Carolina a few years ago.  The Ram is carved in basswood, painted in water based acrylics and stands 9" tall.  Included are the different stages to the carving and also the pattern.  (Jan 2021)

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