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I've been carving since 1992 and this website is a pictorial essay of hundreds of my woodcarvings through the years.  They range from caricatures of political and sports figures to Santas and wildlife. You may recognize some of them.  My carvings reside and are displayed throughout the Globe.  Click on one of the categories above to begin your journey.  If you see something you like or just want to make a comment, send me an email at: 

Whirly Gigs

New Wood Carvings!!!


"Gnome Music Box"

I made this Music Box for my wife and have given her one for the last 35 years.  She cut down the tree and I'm carrying it.  Lol. Both are made from 5"x2"x2" blocks of basswood. 

(Dec 2023)


"Pink Cadillac "

This Cadillac is licensed in Virginia.  I made it for a very special 2 1/2 year old.  The Cadillac is 12" in length and mostly made of pine.  The front and back ends are basswood which allows for the carving detail. It is painted in water based acrylics.  (Dec 2023)


"Viking Mascot"

I made this for a friend who lives in Huntley, Illinois.  This carving is 13" tall and carved in basswood.  (Dec 2023)

Screenshot 2023-12-30 at 9.14.04 AM.png

"Christmas Gnome"

5"x2"x2" block of basswood.  (Dec 2023)


"JMU Tap"

I made this for two friends in Frederick, Md and Charlottesville, Va.  This JMU tap really works if only we had a keg behind the wall. (Dec 2023)


"Juliana College Gnome"

5"x2"x2" block of basswood.  (Dec 2023)



This carving is 5" tall and painted in water based acrylics.  It lives in Lake Monticello, Va.  (Dec 2023)


"JMU Gnome"

5"x2"x2" block of basswood.  (Dec 2023)

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