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I've been carving since 1992 and this website is a pictorial essay of hundreds of my woodcarvings through the years.  They range from caricatures of political and sports figures to Santas and wildlife. You may recognize some of them.  My carvings reside and are displayed throughout the Globe.  Click on one of the categories above to begin your journey.  If you see something you like or just want to make a comment, send me an email: mic1288@gmail.com 

Whirly Gigs

New Wood Carvings!!!


"Minnesota Loon"

I made this for my Cousin for his cabin in the woods of Minnesota.  The Loon is the State Bird of Minnesota. Cleo made the picture again.  (Sept. 2022)


"The Pennsylvania Barrel"

I made this for my cousin in Scranton, PA.  This barrel stands 25" tall and is a replica of a 15 gallon whiskey barrel.  It is made completely of wood with no metal parts.  Even the tap was made on my home lathe.

(Sept. 2022)

"Comfort Birds"

I made 25 more comfort birds during my summer trip to the midwest. My dog Cleo is keeping watch over them  Each comfort bird is 4" long x 2" tall x 2" wide.

(Sept. 2022)

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